We Grow Our crop is pistachios and people. Our more than 45 farmers, their families, team members, and our facilities' workers all have a part in developing Horizon Growers and bringing you premium pistachios.

premium pistachios

We Process With 3 distinct facilities, we can shell, sort, hull, dry, or roast pistachios direct from the fields. Giving you a single contact that controls production from the farm to shipping.

pistachio industry

We Pack From 2,220-pound bulk super sacks to 25-pound boxes, we have just the pack size you need.

pistachio industry

We Ship To the corner restaurant, the megastore or overseas, our pistachios love to travel.

We do it all so we never have to compromise.

We are a diverse group of farmers, many of whom are pioneers in California’s pistachio industry and wanted more involvement in how our Horizon Growers® brand pistachios were processed, handled and sold into the marketplace.

Horizon Growers® brand pistachios are processed at our grower-owned Horizon Nut facility in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley - an area full of some of the most productive pistachio orchards in the world.

We maintain control over our products from our farms to the buyer. This way, we can ensure ethical practices at every stage of the process and offer pistachios that meet the highest standards - yours.

For more information www.horizonnut.com