american pistachio


USDA premium pistachios

Grown & processed in California

Artfully roasted for uniform flavor

roast pistachios

Machine and hand-graded to USDA Standards

roast pistachios

At the peak of harvest, 70% to 90% naturally split their shells

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premium pistachios

Grown and processed in California

premium pistachios

Artfully Roasted for Uniform Flavor

premium pistachios

Machine and hand graded to USDA Standards

premium pistachios

Mechanically and hand-shelled for premium quality

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We provide the processing for the pistachios we grow.

Horizon Growers originated and designed many of the standard practices and innovations in the pistachio industry today. Our hard work and dedication lead to producing the highest quality and most bountiful crop possible each year.

WE GROW Our crop is pistachios and people. Our more than 45 farmers, their families, team members, and our facilities' workers all have a part in developing Horizon Growers and bringing you premium pistachios.

WE PROCESS With 3 distinct facilities, we can shell, sort, hull, dry, or roast pistachios direct from the fields. Giving you a single contact that controls production from the farm to shipping.

WE PACK From 2,220-pound bulk super sacks to 25-pound boxes, we have just the pack size you need.

WE SHIP To the corner restaurant, the megastore or overseas, our pistachios love to travel.

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premium pistachios


Roasted & Salted Pistachios
Roasted No Salt Pistachios
Raw Pistachios
Roasted & Salted Kernels
Roasted No Salt Kernels
Raw Kernels


We Make it Easy

Choose the package that fits your needs and know that you are working directly with growers for clean, USDA premium pistachios.


25 & 30 lbs


50 lbs


1500, 1800, 2000 & 2200 lbs
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